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Maintaining Your Roof

When it comes to maintaining your home, many people overlook their roofs – which some could argue is the most vital aspect of your home. It protects your family and valuables from the outside elements, while tying the exterior of your home together visually. While your roof is often overlooked on that spring cleaning checklist, its maintenance is extremely important. Similar to sweeping the front porch or cleaning out the gutters, your roof needs to be cleaned, maintained and assessed periodically. This enables you to prevent leaks, to detect minor problems before they become major problems, and to capitalize on the amount of time before you need to replace your roof.

A regular cleaning and inspection of your roof will decrease the chances of premature leaks and slow the aging of your roof. Summer sun, heavy rains, gusty winds and temperature changes gradually break down your roof materials, decreasing the time before you need a complete re-roof. With ongoing maintenance, you will catch a leak that you didn’t know you had, clear debris that you could not see from the ground, and even clear off algae or moss before it grows out of control.

Your roof, along with any flashing, vents or other roof accessories, should be maintained twice a year, as well after any major storm or weather event. The best times of year for your roof inspection are in the spring when you can check for any winter damage, and the fall when you can address any summer damage while also preparing for the cold season.

Before you start to think, “Hey, I can get on my roof, sweep it and look at it myself!” consider the safety of climbing on your roof to maintain it yourself. It is estimated that at least 30,000 people are hurt each year from falling off a ladder alone. If you have no fear of climbing a ladder and walking around on your roof, however, you must also realize that having your roof maintained by a professional roofer at Big Fish Roofing will only benefit you. We possess the specialized knowledge, equipment, and training, as well as safety requirements, to inspect your roof for potential problems that you may not recognize yourself.

We look at shingles – all day, every day – and can quickly spot any existing leaks or potential problems. The best type of planning is preventive planning. It will save you money, time and, often, a huge headache. Big Fish Roofing is here to help you find solutions to all your roofing issues. Our maintenance program is a great way to prevent major problems from taking place.