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Maintaining Your Roof

When it comes to maintaining your home, many people overlook their roofs – which some could argue is the most vital aspect of your home. It protects your family and valuables from the outside elements, while tying the exterior of your home together visually. While your roof is often overlooked on that spring cleaning checklist, its maintenance is extremely important. Similar to sweeping the front porch or cleaning out the gutters, your roof needs to be cleaned, maintained and assessed periodically. This enables you to prevent leaks, to detect minor problems before they become major problems, and to capitalize on… Read More

Recycled Roofing Materials: It Really Is Easy Being Green!

Each year, nine to eleven million tons of asphalt roofing waste are sent to landfills.  Disposal fees amount to over $400,000,000.  In spite of this — believe it or not — roofing projects can be environmentally friendly.  In recent years, efforts have been made to devise ways to reuse and repurpose the materials that are used by roofing contractors. Asphalt shingles can be ground up, heated, and melted down in order to extract different components and repurpose them.  The new material is used on roads, pavement, sidewalks, bridges, ramps, fuel oil, and pothole repair.  The extracted waste is used for… Read More

The Pros and Cons of Shingle Roofing

Shingle Roofing in Jacksonville Florida You are getting ready to replace your roof. You have wisely chosen Big Fish Roofing, Inc. to professionally complete the job. You think your decision making is done, caput, fini. It’s not. You still need to choose the materials. Shingles, you say. What KIND of shingles? Let’s have a look… On the positive side, asphalt shingles are probably the least expensive type of shingle to install. are appropriate for most any style home, especially those with steep-sloped roofs. are light and require no structural reinforcement. are easy to install or replace because they are easy… Read More

Do-it-Yourself Ways to Tell if Your Home Needs a New Roof

Springtime Checklist for the Roof of Your Northeast Florida Home Personal calendars don’t usually spotlight “Check Your Roof Day”. After all, nobody likes to go looking for trouble. However, knowing what to look for during a casual, regular inspection can help you determine if your roof needs fixing or replacing. The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests that you take a good look at your roof in the spring and in the fall. Where do you start? Inside the home, the attic is a good place to begin. Using a flashlight, check for trails and dark spots, areas showing water damage… Read More

Re-Roofing Project Checklist: Before, During, After

So… You have decided to re-roof. You’ve done your part, now it’s all up to the roofer who helped you make the decision. Well, not exactly. That was only the first step… 1. Choose and consult with an experienced (Big Fish Roofing), knowledgeable (Big Fish Roofing), insured (Big Fish Roofing), licensed (Big Fish Roofing), and professional (Big Fish Roofing) roofer. Check! 2. Select the appropriate roofing materials. Consider function and appearance. Read about the materials you choose. 3. Schedule the work. Consider your climate and your family’s tolerance for dust, noise, and all around mess.

To Repair or To Re-Roof the Flat Roof: That is the question!

Your flat roof is a prime candidate for repairs or re-roofing. Its low slope allows for water to pool, thereby creating the possibility of leaks. It also collects storm debris that can cause damage. When considering whether to repair or to re-roof your flat roof, the first step is to contact a roofer. After a thorough roof inspection, the professionals at Big Fish Roofing will work with you to determine the best action to take. Some things that will be considered include the following:

Roofing in Winter: It Could be the Right Time and the Right Price

Have you ever seen someone working on a roof in the most miserable heat of the summer? Steam is rising from the tar paper, and sweat is dripping from the roofer’s brow. Surely there must be a better time of year to do roofing! It might not necessarily be a better time but winter could be the right time for your roofing project.