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Re-Roofing Project Checklist: Before, During, After

So… You have decided to re-roof. You’ve done your part, now it’s all up to the roofer who helped you make the decision. Well, not exactly. That was only the first step…

1. Choose and consult with an experienced (Big Fish Roofing), knowledgeable (Big Fish Roofing), insured (Big Fish Roofing), licensed (Big Fish Roofing), and professional (Big Fish Roofing) roofer. Check!

2. Select the appropriate roofing materials. Consider function and appearance. Read about the materials you choose.

3. Schedule the work. Consider your climate and your family’s tolerance for dust, noise, and all around mess.

4. Confirm the work by considering all of the details, details, details. Get everything in writing. Who’s doing what, when, and how? Every step, from removing the old roof to cleaning up when finished, should be specified.

5. Obtain the necessary permits. Your roofer should handle this task. However, as the homeowner, you should confirm that it has been completed.

6. During the re-roofing process, do your part.
• Be available to your roofing contractor. Whether it’s to answer a simple question or to discuss a major problem, your contractor needs to be able to contact you quickly in order to keep the project on schedule.
• Make sure that objects in your home are securely attached to the walls. If not, take down fragile items.
• Remove or cover everything in your attic.
• Remove or protect any items in your yard that might be damaged by roofing debris.
• Clear your driveway so that delivery and crew trucks have easy access.
• Keep the kids and the pets away from the work area.

7. Inspect the completed project. Confirm that the agreed upon materials have been provided and that all the services have been completed.
8. Make sure that the site has been thoroughly cleaned. This is a safety issue that cannot be understated.

9. Obtain lien releases from everyone that provided work, services, or materials for the project.

10. Make your final payment to the contractor when, and only when, you are satisfied with the finished product.

A re-roofing project is a partnership between the homeowner and the roofing contractor. The team at Big Fish Roofing is ready to welcome you as a member! Together, we will provide an experience that solves your roofing needs. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

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