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Residential Roofing Services

While it is true that a good foundation is essential to any well-built home, it is also true that a quality roof is essential to the quality of life inside that home.  The professionals at Big Fish Roofing know that your home is a huge investment that needs the protection of a first-rate roofing system.


We provide quality workmanship for a variety of roofing styles, and no job is too small or too large.  Our professionals are ready to work with you or your contractor.  We are knowledgeable about permitting procedures and home owners’ associations’ guidelines and covenants.  As such, we are prepared to handle any and all paperwork required by cities and HOAs. Residential roofing projects include:

Roof Leak Repair_Commercial Roofing_edited.png

Leak Testing & Repair

Roof flashing repair_Commerical Roofing.jpeg



Shingle Repair And Replacement_Commercial Roofing_edited.jpg

Shingle Repair & Replacement

flat-roof-waterproofing_Commercial Roofing.jpeg

Sealing & Weather Proofing

Localized Damage Roof Repair_Commercial Roofing.jpeg

Localized Damage Repair

Routine Roof Inspection_Commercial Roofing.jpeg

Routine Roof Inspections

On-going Maintenance & Repairs

On-going maintenance and repair are crucial factors in supporting the proper function and in extending the lifetime of your commercial building’s roof.  Big Fish Roofing provides the following maintenance and repair services:

insurance roof inspection_commercial roofing_edited.png

Insurance Estimates

We will be glad to provide help with filing insurance claims relating to these services.

An important aspect of any commercial roofing project is the roof evaluation.  Big Fish Roofing professionals are experts in providing free accurate assessments and estimates that include complete project details and costs.  We will work with you to select the appropriate application based on the budget, time frame, and desired look for your building.  


Our Quality Guarantee

Raising the Standard with Integrity & Quality 

Big Fish Roofing is committed to taking care of your residential roofing needs with the highest level of courtesy and professionalism.  When our Big Fish roofers are at your home site, your home and its inhabitants are treated with great care and respect.  Excellent project management ensures that your needs are met, and our high standards for excellence are achieved and maintained.  We take measures to protect your landscaping, your walkways and driveways, and your family members.  At the end of each work day, we do a thorough clean-up of the site.  Our team strives to accomplish the job safely, on time, and with minimal disruption to your family life.

The Big Fish Roofing Process
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