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Roof Maintenance Services

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Leak Testing & Repair

Water damage from roof leaks can be costly. Protect your home or business by scheduling a leak test as soon as you believe your roof as been compromised. Our roofing experts can perform the leak test and repair the leak for you saving you from expensive water damage restoration.

Flashing Repair

Over time water can corrode your roof flashing. Sometimes replacement is unnecessary and the flashing can be repaired with little disruption to your home or business. Our local roofing professionals are experts at spotting and repair flashing that has been damaged by the elements. 

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Shingle Repair And Replacement_Commercial Roofing.jpeg

Shingle Repair & Replacement

Is only a portion of your shingle roof damaged? Shingles with minor damage, such as small rips and tears can sometimes be repaired without replacing an entire section of shingles. When repair isn't an option, we can replace a section of shingles rather than replacing the whole roof prematurely. Whether your shingles need repair or replacement, you can trust us to handle your issue with expert care.

Sealing & Weatherproofing

There are variety of roof weatherproofing products available on the market. The right waterproofing sealant that is most appropriate for your needs is based on a number of different factors. Our commercial roofing experts will consider your concerns, assess your roof, and recommend the best roof coating for your needs.

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Localized Damage Repair

Heavy Florida thunder storms can bring heavy wind and rains that can cause costly damage to portions of your roof. Localized damage repair is far less expensive than an entire roof replacement and can be completed in a fraction of the time. Your favorite roofer can assess the damage, source matching materials in repair the damage efficiently and with minimal disruption to your daily life. 

Routine Roof Inspections

Did you have your roof inspected prior to purchasing your home? Has it been inspected since? Routine roof inspections are highly recommended to maintain the integrity of your roof and monitor any potential problems prior to any damage actually occurring. Our skilled team of roofing contractors can not only detect roofing issues, but can also assist homeowners in prioritizing home improvement projects. 

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